Avoid These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

A stunning gold kitchen sink faucet in an island across from a gas stove with a hood fan, gold accent lights and marble backsplash.

Renovating your kitchen can be exhilarating! Unfortunately, without careful navigation through the kitchen renovation process, your dream kitchen can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here’s 10 common kitchen renovation mistakes, and how to avoid them.

How to Choose Your Bathroom Renovation Style

An amazing bathroom with large walk-in shower with light blue and white tiles, soaker tub and chandelier, and light wood-grained vanity with gold hardware.

Do you know what your bathroom renovation style is? Often, it’s a reflection of your personal taste, cultural influences, and overall design theme of your home. Take a look at these popular design styles to help you before you dive into your bathroom renovation:

The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Beautiful white and green kitchen with kitchen island, bar seating, and gold pendant lights and hardware

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. And a major kitchen renovation can be one of the best or worst home improvement investments you can tackle. Whether you’re just starting to plan, or knee deep in construction, we’ve got you covered with expert advice for every step of the process. Use our ultimate kitchen renovation checklist to help navigate the exiting, but challenging, journey to building your dream kitchen.

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