How to Choose Your Bathroom Renovation Style

An amazing bathroom with large walk-in shower with light blue and white tiles, soaker tub and chandelier, and light wood-grained vanity with gold hardware.
Do you know what your bathroom renovation style is? Often, it’s a reflection of your personal taste, cultural influences, and overall design theme of your home. Take a look at these popular design styles to help you before you dive into your bathroom renovation:

Contemporary or Modern Bathrooms

Known for sleek lines and a minimalist approach, modern bathrooms prioritize functionality and clen aesthetics. They often feature materials like glass, chrome, and polished surfaces. 


Modern and contemporary bathroom with soaker bathtub, walk-in shower, clean lines, glass and chrome accents


Industrial Bathrooms

Inspired by urban lofts and factories, industrial bathrooms showcase raw materials like exposed pipes, concrete floors, and metal fixtures, creating a utilitarian aesthetic.


Industrial bathroom with exposed pipe in bathtub


Traditional Bathrooms

Classic and timeless; traditional bathrooms are characterized by intricate details such as soaker tubs, pedestal sinks, and decorative tiles, creating an elegant ambiance.


Newly renovated designer bathroom with light green walls, cream cabinets and copper hardware.


Transitional Bathrooms

Transitional bathrooms achieve a balanced look by blending contemporary and classic elements. They combine clean, modern lines with timeless accents for a harmonious design.



Rustic Bathrooms

With a warm and natural ambiance, rustic bathrooms feature materials like wood, stone, and rough surfaces. You’ll often see wooden cabinets, stone basins, and vintage hardware.


Rustic bathroom with round bathtub, wood paneling, stone walls and a black chandelier


Scandinavian Bathrooms

Known for their clean and functional design, Scandinavian bathrooms focus on natural light, neutral-colored walls, simple fixtures, and wooden elements to create a peaceful and open space.


Scandinavian bathroom with wood paneling on bathtub


Eclectic Bathrooms

With a fusion of different styles, eclectic bathrooms are unique and personalized. They often feature vibrant hues, a mix of fixtures, and unconventional design choices.


A narrow bathroom with white vanity, gold hardware, black faucet, black rectangular mirror, gold lighting, and bathtub.


Coastal/Beach Inspired Bathrooms

Drawing inspiration from coastal living, these beach inspired bathrooms feature soothing blue and white hues, organic elements like rattan and wicker, and maritime details for a relaxing ambiance.



Asian Inspired Bathrooms

Influenced by Japanese and Zen aesthetics, Asian inspired bathrooms incorporate sleek designs, earthy elements like bamboo and stone, and a simplistic style to create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere.


Asian Inspired Bathroom with bamboo paneled walls and greenery


Mediterranean Bathrooms

Mediterranean bathrooms are inspired by Southern European coastlines. They feature earthy tones, terracotta flooring, mosaic designs, and decorative iron elements, conveying a sense of simple sophistication and casual opulence.


Mediterranean Bathroom with arches and stone


Knowing your bathroom renovation style before you start the renovation process will help you create a space that reflects your personal tastes and enhances your home.

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